OK, it has to be said. This is probably not original to me, although I haven't yet seen it elsewhere (I was camping last week and so was pretty out of touch).
What happens when The Evil Terrorists come up with a plot to destroy an airplane with stuff stashed in a prosthetic limb, using a pacemaker as a trigger? For extra laughs, they can use a wheelchair too. And let's play a race card or two - find some cleancut fellow with black or yellow or white skin to carry it.
Why not just cut to the chase now, and force everybody to fly stark-naked after a two week cleansing in a monitored clinic? Crazy? So is dumping gallons of liquid into big barrels *surrounded by hundreds of people*. The terrorists with explosives in their bottles don't have to make it past security - they just have to make it *to* security.
And my first source of news on this whole sports drink bottle foofarah was Kitchener's own The Record, which had a front page article (continued to the second page for about 12 column inches) on how The New Rules aren't all that bad, really.
My new rules are about this || close to "if I can't walk, drive, bus, or train there, I'm not going". Add that to my refusal to travel to the US now - nothing against you Yanks, I just hate the idea of requiring passports for me and my family at \$75 a pop - and it looks like I'm going to be pretty static for a good long time to come.
Remember all those people crying about how we can't let the events of September 11, 2001 change our lives, "or the terrorists will have already won"?
They're winning.