Weblog’s New Home

So, the weblog’s third home in as many weeks. This is its new permanent home, I promise.
I know it’s boring – I took the time to customize the templates a bit two iterations ago, but never bothered when I upgraded to MT 3.2 in the last iteration, so I had none to carry along. I’ll make it less boring some time.
I’d toyed with the idea of having a separate weblog for work, just to keep it separate, and home that on a “production” work machine, but I didn’t want to juggle those + a livejournal (for more throwaway-type stuff, which I may turn into an RSS feed of this). So I didn’t.

5 thoughts on “Weblog’s New Home

  1. *waves*
    And here I had no idea you had a parallel blog ^W blawg. Or, maybe I did and forgot.
    excellent domain name btw.

  2. You didn’t, because the domain didn’t exist at all until a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to show it to boss-type first, before making it public.

  3. This explains so much about why (I thought) you never post anymore.
    Apparently my skimming LJ is starting to show.

  4. Yeah, for some reason I’m unable to post very thoughtful stuff to Livejournal any more. Plus I was uncomfortable putting work-related stuff there, so… here.

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