Todd Bertuzzi

However long this will stay up:
Morris Dalla Costa of the London Free Press doesn’t think Todd Bertuzzi deserves to be an Olympian. I disagree with Costa’s reasoning, and I told him so.

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CHL draftees

At some point several months ago, I got into a discussion with somebody on hfboards about the number of CHL players drafted into the NHL. If I find the original thread again, I’ll update this post with a link. I thought I’d saved the link, but I guess not.
Methodology, assumptions, and conclusion in the extended entry.
I posted this on hfboards here.

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I have some personal habits that I can attribute directly to others.
One is that I almost always have a writing implement or three (ideally, a couple of pencils, a ballpoint pen for carbon forms, and a pen for regular writing) atop my keyboard. I rarely use anything other than IBM Model M’s, so there’s considerable space. I picked this up from a high school/university friend who used to do the same. Of course, lately, I’ve had my Space Pen take over both pen roles. It’s not nasty to write with, although it could be better, and it does a lovely job on carbon forms.
Lately I’ve discovered a habit of saying “doo doo dooo” etc under my breath (and sometimes not under) when I’m doing sort of mindless things, or else thinking intensely about something (so everything else is sort of disconnected). I blame one of “my” grad students for this – he does the same thing. When I asked him about it, he said he finds it annoys people less than whistling. I never whistle though.
I emailed a prof recently to tell him I’ve taken his habit of saying “thanks much”. He claimed he didn’t remember where he first picked it up. I assume it’s a leftover of learning English as a second language, but I could be wrong. I’d never heard it before, although there’s a few others around the department who I’ve caught saying it as well.

Jack Adams coaches

Are Jack Adams winners really good coaches, are they just in the right place at the right time, or is it perhaps a combination of good and lucky? I assert that coaches win the JA usually because they’re genuinely good. Coaches generally win the Jack Adams when their teams perform extremely well (either relative to other teams, or relative to their history over the previous few seasons). These teams are usually not flashes in the pan; they tend to continue to perform well for at least a season or two afterwards as well.
The original thread I started is here. I’m not (yet?) putting anything new into this entry; I’m mostly making it in case hfboards goes away, and also as a testament to my cleverness (and to flesh out this site). I posted it to hfboards on the 25th of April, 2004.

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