Game 2 vs the Sharks

Game 2 in San Jose, start at 2230h Eastern.
I’m going to try something a bit different with this post – I’ve noticed the RSS feed to LJ is coming across as one blob of an entry, no continuation – I don’t want to fill up friends pages, so I’m going to put this Entry Body in the Excerpt as well, see if just that gets sent to RSS readers. I don’t do RSS, so those of you who read with that (I’m looking at you, Wade :) ) can hopefully let me know.

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Round 2, 2006 playoffs

Right off the top, I’ll just say I don’t know the Sharks team all that well. To be perfectly honest, if it’s not the Oilers I’m not nearly as familiar with it/him/them as a true Canadian hockey geek should be – but I’ll give it my best shot. First off, Oilers – Sharks, then I’ll muddle my way through the rest.
(Grumble, quick edit: I lied. I won’t muddle my way through the rest at all, not now anyway. But I’ll predict Ottawa in 6, for much the same reasons that I’m going to predict the Oilers over the Sharks.)
I’ll talk a bit about primary vs secondary scoring as well. Another weblogger – sorry, forget who – wondered what the difference between primary and secondary scoring was. I should have thought it was obvious, but I since I don’t read the weblogs of people I don’t respect, maybe it’s a good question after all. I’ll blatantly accept the existence of such a division as a given, and talk about it in more detail in another post.

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Life is good… Looking forward to California

Life is good.
Edmonton in the second round by virtue of eliminating the President’s Trophy winners: yup.
Toronto eliminated: check, even before the playoffs started.
Calgary gone: check. Too bad it wasn’t the Oilers did ’em in, but honestly, it’s sweeter seeing the 3rd seed and last season’s “Cinderfellas” (man that term makes me want to heave up my guts) eliminated by the 6th seed.
Beer for second round series: Rickard’s Red, 10 left out of the case I bought for G6 vs Detroit.
Edit – my brane just reminded me that it thinks Edmonton isn’t playing Anaheim, but San Jose. So I’ll change the title. At least the permalink is too short to get the city name anyway.