Jarnal: note taking

Something that’s been kicking around occupying space in one of my secondary inboxes, but I write about here in order to get it out there: Jarnal, a Java application for taking notes and such, intended mostly for tablets it looks like, but it works with mice and such as well. It likes PDFs. One of the profs here uses it and likes it, so I figured it was worth taking note of.

SLED VMWare image

Whilst downloading the SLES 10 DVD ISO for our Altix box Just In Case (we want to upgrade to PP5 for the cpuset support) I noticed that Novell also have a VMWare image of SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, aka SLED.
Good deal, it’s huge but the tubes here are pretty big so it came down in almost no time. I didn’t have time to fire it up til today.
Boo SuSE, the default NIC in the image is bridged, and the default root password is “root”. Hiss boo.
The gecko is pretty cute in a set of samurai armour though.
I think more OS vendors should do things like this. If nothing else, I’m sure the vmware image is a boon to their helpdesk – I’m wondering if that’s who developed it originally anyway.

Free a/v for Windows?

Linda’s mother was asking about antivirus software for her Windows machine after I cleaned her machine up from spyware. She had NAV 2005 that “came with” her PC, but it was one of those trial thingies and the trial expired. I told her I’d look, and honestly, basically forgot about it because, well, it’s not my PC.
I saw this the other day as it went through my RSS reader, and figured I’d have a look. Kind of a lightweight review, but it’s a start. I may see if ClamAV has been ported to WIndows as well – I know it had been to the Mac.
(My huge bookmarks file contains mostly bookmarks of things like this that I’d note and then forget about, and it’s annoying me. I’ve been culling the bookmarks, and figured I’d adopt a more Richard Bejtlich approach: no bookmarks, just a weblog posting and a note about why the thing was of any note at all. I’ll see how it works out. I expect that will make me a fair bit more chatty.)

Firmware sucks

(Mostly for my own info, if it happens again, although finding this in the first place was easy: google ipod reboot cycle.)
Firmware is just like software, except worse. And it sucks. I crashed my iPod (I sinned, apparently, I asked it to play a podcast) and it went into a reboot cycle.
Putting iPod into Disk Mode was useful, I did that and then told iTunes to reset it. Sucks, because I got a 60gb ipod for a reason, but better than reboot/crash.
I’m assuming / hoping this will fix it.

Ubuntu 6.06.1 alternate installer

I just spent about half an hour trying to figure out why my Ubuntu “alternate” 6.06.1 install was bombing out installing base packages. (I’m using the alternate install CD because I want RAID-1 filesystems from the get-go.)
I discovered instead of making the 1gb partition at the start of the disk /boot, I’d made it /. The 245gb partition was /home instead of /. (Just a simple desktop install, so I didn’t want to partition it any more – people always bitch if /home runs out of space.)
I don’t know what the best solution is for this, ie, if the installer can automatically detect if you’ve done something stupid with your / filesystem – obviously, Ubuntu’s desktop install isn’t going to fit in a partition that small, but it might if I had /usr and /bin and such on different filesystems. (An equally stupid layout, but you never know.)
Worth filing a bug report over? Dunno.