I set up a test blawg on my router here at home, but it’s a PITA – man, editing styles in MT sucks. Editing them twice sucks more. I’m sure there’s an easier way to do it than using the built-in editors. So I’m doing it live during breaks in the play.
I’m going to go with Oilers colours for now – hopefully they won’t have to change soon. At least I’ll have something other than the defaults.

RSS feeds

I still have some other things to figure out with MT 3.2, besides the obvious of schemes and colours (damn you Wade :) ), to do with RSS feeds. For some reason LiveJournal thinks this feed is tomorrow; my previous PGP post is dated Tuesday at 0233h, I think about 12 hours in the future. Also, I need to figure out how to separate entry body from extended entry in the feed; I kinda feel bad for anybody who reads the feed on LiveJournal (or, probably, anywhere else) because… damn, those hockey posts are long.

Weblog’s New Home

So, the weblog’s third home in as many weeks. This is its new permanent home, I promise.
I know it’s boring – I took the time to customize the templates a bit two iterations ago, but never bothered when I upgraded to MT 3.2 in the last iteration, so I had none to carry along. I’ll make it less boring some time.
I’d toyed with the idea of having a separate weblog for work, just to keep it separate, and home that on a “production” work machine, but I didn’t want to juggle those + a livejournal (for more throwaway-type stuff, which I may turn into an RSS feed of this). So I didn’t.

Pirst Fost (sorta)

Every weblog requires a first post.
Edit 23 April 2006: Since I just finished importing stuff from my other weblog (one is ok, two is acceptable, but three is ridiculous) this is actually the first MovableType 3.2 post. I’d intended to keep work stuff separate from more personal stuff (mostly hockey) but any of my co-workers can easily find any of the weblogs anyway.

First post.

This is the mandatory first post.
I intend to put things like longer writings here. I have a LiveJournal but that doesn’t strike me as being suited for longer posts. I don’t really care if I get comments on these things; they will be works in progress, for the most part.
I’d like to post some of my school papers as well, but I’m concerned about plagiarism. That may also restrict what I post; I don’t want to help kiddies cheat. I wrote all my papers on my own, and many of them I had absolutely no help on. The thought of somebody stealing that work makes me want to puke. So, anyway, I’ll see what happens here.