Apache 2.2 upgrade went poorly

I tried upgrading the host machine from Apache 1.3 to 2.2 today – it went poorly. torres came back easily enough, but getting it to co-operate with snowcrash wasn’t fun. I was likely making a mistake trying to integrate my hacked and hacked again httpd.conf into the default 2.2 configs that come with the FreeBSD port (no idea how much they resemble “vendor” configs). I’ll now do what I ought to have done in the first place, and set up a machine that mirrors torres then make it work with 2.2, without worries about live data and losing logs and such. I’ll try it sober as a judge next time too, when it isn’t 30 degrees both outside and in.
Still, I hate giving up on technical stuff.
As a sop to the monkey in me, I’ve added a disclaimer and contact page. It’s really ugly.


I’ve added an “Other Weblogs” sidebar. For now, it’s just hockey weblogs; I’d promised one of them a link, if nothing else. I’m using MT-Blogroll, got it from the list of plugins at movabletype.com. It wasn’t the most intuitive setup, and it seems to cough up an error at insert-into-db time unless I use the quickadd link first, but then it doubles up, so I can’t win. (The database error doesn’t seem to hurt the actual addition to roll thing.) Baby steps.

Back to Oilers colours

Back to a pseudo-Oilers paintscheme. I’m pretty sure that was well over a week.
As I said to at least Wade, the raison-d’etre for the black and red scheme (and perhaps here too, but I’m too lazy to check), I hate to say it but I thought the red and black looked better. I have an excuse to stick with it though, at least partially: my alma mater’s colours are black and red as well, although perhaps not that shade of red.
I’ve got some thoughts on the crazy start to Free Agent Feeding Frenzy, but I’ll post them later, if they’re worthy of it.

Carolina colours

Part two honoured.
Psst, Wade, I’m going to need your mailing address. Take your time though, I’m going to need a bit to come up with some appropriate items. ;)
Sorry for the Hartford colours Wade, red and black on its own is just a bit too boring. (Hate to say it, but with my limited artistic abilities, the red / black, green / grey / blue looks a bit better than the copper, orange, midnight and navy blue. sigh.)

Hockey colours

And just for future reference, I got logos from the Oilers and Hurricanes sites (as well as the unmatched hockeydb website) for the classic and current Oilers and the Hurricanes, glommed them into the gimp, and here’s the colour codes (Wade, take note in case you need them next Monday ;) ).

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