Thanks to a friendly prof (yes kids, some do exist), I discovered that apparently somebody at Imprint decided this humble site was worthy of mentioning in the Frosh week edition.
Can’t say I’ve ever really seen myself described in print as “awesome”, but hey, same paragraph as the Daily Bulletin? Kinda neat.

One place they missed was the uwaterloo Livejournal community, which is a decent place to ask for and receive information. I read it regularly, post there on occasion and answer a few of the questions, as do at least a couple other staff members and a few profs.

So, welcome frosh?  I didn’t really notice a flood of new visitors, but hey, maybe eventually.

Slowly returning to normal

Astute readers may notice that I’ve re-added the BANPC sidebar – apologies to my fellow non-partisan Canucks for its weeklong absence, I’m still figuring out the new template system.
Next thing will be figuring out how to change RSS/Atom exports to at least have an option for full-post + comments feeds, and changing this somewhat-attractive-but-bland colour scheme back to my familiar Oilers colours, or perhaps Carolina^WUNB colours.

A few 4.0 upgrade pains

So there’s a couple of issues I’ve noticed, or had pointed out to me (ta, Chris):
 – comments go to https, which is fine, but snowcrash is hosted on a machine named torres.cs so the cert doesn’t match.  I’ll see what I can do to fix that.  Sometimes it seems to want to load https elements anyway, even at the main index page.  In any event, the certs are self-signed.
 – stylesheets don’t always seem to properly load on the index page.  I loaded it up in a “virgin” browser (a Safari instance which had never visited the blawg before) and I got the plain text version.  Went into comments, and it was styled, then subsequent visits to the main index loaded properly.

Sorry guys, I’ll work on it.  I did change the site layout last night, hate that triple column default, so I just sniped one of the other default layouts and I’ll go from there.

Can’t say I’m overly enthused about the new Dashboard either, too Web 2.0 for me.  Sorry for the massive list of updated items too, couldn’t help that.

Edit: I think I’ve fixed the https thing, thanks again to Chris for the tip as to what was wrong.

Upgrade to MT 4.0 complete

Well, that was relatively painless, I guess I’ll see what breaks in the immediate future, especially once I start screwing up^W^Wediting the templates.

For the record, all I did was to create a new database to hold the new version’s stuff (I use postgres, so createdb mt4), then I exported all the old stuff using MT 3.2’s import/export interface, moved the old stuff out of the way (the static /blawg and the dynamic /mt), dropped the new MT4 into place, configured it, imported the old entries, and there we go.  Importing the old stuff took a while, and then publishing it took forever.  I’m glad I’m not that prolific.

Now I just need to figure out the new stuff, like tags and keywords…  I’ve enabled trackbacks again, to see how things go with that, I disabled them before because they caused way too much spam.

Upgrading to MT 4.0

4.0 came out over a week ago, doesn’t look like there’s any major problems, and I just tested exporting this site and importing it into an MT4 setup – looks ok, so I might do the upgrade tonight while I’m working late.
With any luck, my next post will come from the new platform – and maybe my RSS exports won’t get all screwed up and cause all my old posts to become new again, like I’ve seen in the past…