Upgrade to MT 4.1

I upgraded to MT 4.1-OS just now. Aside from having to rebuild all my pages (and the tag cloud apparently getting semi-busted), I had a minor panic during the upgrade, getting this error:
undefined type: at lib/MT/Upgrade.pm line 1316
Fortunately, this forum post helped, but the actual lines you want in lib/MT/ObjectDriver/DDL.pm line 410 are:

}  elsif ($type == SQL_FLOAT) {
return 'float';

not SQLFLOAT, as Jayson says. (Watch your braces!) Looks like this is only really an issue with PostgreSQL, which might explain why this bug hasn’t been fixed in a release version for well over a month.
I’d have posted a correction there, but I didn’t feel like navigating their registration. (Probably I could use OpenID, but I keep forgetting my username and password…)
Aside from those minor quibbles, things seem to have gone ok, so, yay me.

On blawgging

A co-worker said today, after giving me some information that should probably remain private, “And I don’t want to see this on your weblog!”
Apparently the last couple of work-related googles he’d done had their first hits as rants here.
Maybe I don’t get many comments, but at least my GOOG ratings are good.

Metapost, Islanders-Pens

Hey kids, long time no write.  Normally I despise meta-entries of the form “sorry I haven’t written in so long, I feel bad”, but I assure you – I don’t feel bad, and this will not be solely a meta-entry.  I had a paper due this week, so all my creativity had been going into that, and then all my energy went into a system upgrade, as you’ll see in my weekly roundup tomorrow.

I’ve been remiss in my non-Oilers watching – see above.  I did catch about half of Al Arbour’s return to the bench last night though, and it was a good game.  The parts I watched had lots of good scoring chances at either end, and while I’m not normally an Isles fan at all (hangover from 1983) it was fitting that they won the game in the end.  Linda asked me how many ex-Oilers were playing – she now knows who Mike Comrie is thanks to her celeb-news – and it was actually a bit surprising.  The Isles had Comrie, Satan, Bergeron, and Guerin, while the Pens had Nasreddine, Sykora, and Laraque.  Are the Islanders aping their across-the-city cousins from 1993-94?  At any rate, we watched the post-game ceremony in its entirety, classy stuff.  Hockey players are so guileless sometimes; Mike Sillinger was openly crying, and Billy Guerin had a good case of shiny eyes going too.  That’s what we love about them.

Going from love to anti-love, I’ve not forgotten about Reasons to Hate, and hope to have an update today.  Also, I’ve been putting some thought into accountability on weblogs, and hope to have an interesting piece up on that this week.

Leave my URIs alone, MT

It looks like MT rewrote an img reference I had from /img/foo to https://snowcrash.ca/img/foo, which caused things like LJ feeds to prompt for an SSL certificate.  I believe I’ve fixed it, but tres annoying – sorry guys.