New software

I’ve changed blawwgging software and the whole management of my website.  I’m sure I’ve broken things, particularly google links or those from David Staples’ website, my two biggest referrers that I care about.

If you think something is missing, feel free to drop me a line.


Vast numbers (ok, 136) of my posts have disappeared, only to reappear elsewhere. I wanted to separate out the work-work bits of the blawg, for various reasons. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you don’t care, but I did want to note this historic occasion. And also make a link for my boss, who does usually read my roundups and sometimes forgets things.

Deleted post

I just now unpublished a post regarding customer service, since it was not supposed to be published – it was still a draft. Nothing in there I’m ashamed of, just it’s unfinished. So all two of you who pay attention to the RSS feed, that’s why it’s likely still in your feed reader but not on the website. It will (eventually) reappear, and I’m sure you JUST CAN’T WAIT!
Back to the irregularly scheduled blather.
Edit 04 October: I finally posted it.

Apologies for the RSS feed

Sorry about the “a bunch of new posts just became new” in the RSS feed, I didn’t realize it had happened til I poked at my LJ friends page and there they were. They haven’t been updated, in case anybody was wondering what wonderful new writing I’d added to previous posts.

Upgrade to MT 4.2 and a new host

I moved the blawg between physical hosts and also changed the base URL from /blawg/ to just /, since that’s how all the Cool Kids do it and I wasn’t updating anything at all besides the blawg anyway.
I figured while I was breaking things, I might as well go all the way and switch to the RC4 for MovableType 4.2. I made an unpleasant discovery that while 4.1 will backup and restore, 4.2 will only backup. So I had to export my posts from the old installation (fine, wanted to do that anyway) then import them into 4.2, but as a result I lost some settings – my pretty green! – and also some spam comments got accidentally published.
So far, I’m actually not impressed with MT 4.2 – despite its vaunted speed, and the faster CPUs in the new host, it still took 27 minutes to do a full publish run. Then again, it was starting from complete scratch, so maybe next publishes will be faster.
Hopefully this won’t break MarsEdit! (It didn’t.)
Changed the base dir back. Damn second thoughts. Plus it broke RSS feeds. I’m too lazy to figure out the rewrite-fu required, plus I was worried about MT stomping on stuff in the base dir. Maybe some day I’ll do the reverse: redirect / to /blawg. And I have my green back, but not the BANPC blogroll at the side – I’ll fix that later.